Ares Firearms Training

Concealed Weapon Permit Class

NRA Instructor teaching a student how to safely handle a firearm.

This 3 part class will give you the certificate you need to apply for your permit with the state. It covers firearm safety, 1 on 1 shooting with an instructor on the range, and FL carry laws. Group classes are offered once a month. Private classes are scheduled as available. 

NRA Instructor and RSO Courses

Become a NRA Certified Instructor or Range Safety Officer

Periodically throughout the year we offer courses to become a NRA Certified Instructor or NRA Certified Range Safety Officer. 

Gun Rentals

Try a variety of guns for fun or to find what you like before you buy a gun

Whether you are trying to decide which carry gun you want to buy or looking for  a fun shooting experience, we have the guns for you. During the CWP Class you can try some pistols and revolvers from our extensive collection. Contact us for an appointment for a gun experience if your looking to try out a .50 caliber Barrett or a M-16 machine gun. Get instruction on how to shoot your dream gun from an accomplished shooter.