Firearms Training and Florida Concealed Carry Classes

Rodrigo Muller, an instructor from Brazil on the Instructor Range ready to teach a class.

Instructors From All Over

We offer Instructors a place to train and teach their skills. Instructors and students come from other states and countries to train at Ares Training Facility in Leesburg, FL. We offer a separate area for training classes of all different disciplines. Whether you want to feel more confident drawing from a concealment holster, or you want to be ready if you are ever faced with an active shooter situation, we have an instructor and a class for you. 

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A Law Enforcement Officer training to be better at his job to serve and protect.

Local Instructors

We have local instructors that have chosen to make Ares Training Facility their home range because they love it so much. They are part of the Ares Family. You will see them at our special events, competitions, and as Range Safety Officers when they aren't instructing.

FIGHT Training  LLC is a team of professional instructors with real world applications. They are NRA Certified Instructors who have backgrounds in military, law enforcement, or have a high degree and experience of training in their field.  

Rodrigo Muller, owner of Muller Consulting and Training , teaches a variety of classes in English, Spanish, and Portuguese. His extensive background spans education, training and experience from Brazil as well as the United States. Rodrigo is also a NRA Certified Instructor. 

Both companies offer a variety of firearms classes, including Concealed Carry Classes. 

Trae and Julie with Hank Strange and Walter from Safety Harbor Firearms at Toys for Tots Shoot

Ares Firearms Training - Where it all started!

Trae Johnson started Ares Firearms Training over a decade ago by teaching Concealed Carry Permit Classes and firearms lessons. Trae would let family, friends, and students come out and shoot on the weekends. His wife, Julie, joined him as a NRA Certified Instructor over 5 years ago. Over the years the range has continued to grow. They still teach Florida Concealed Carry Permit class. Trae is a certified NRA Training Counselor.