The Range

Shooting stall on the Main Range. Shoot pistols and rifles out to 500 yards.

The Property

Ares Training Facility is located in Leesburg Florida. The 100 acre outdoor facility is beautiful. Soak up nature as you gaze upon the mature oaks decorated with Spanish Moss. Spot a Red Tailed Hawk flying across the sky as you aim down range. Breath in the fresh air as you control your breathing before taking a shot. Enjoy the experience of shooting in tranquil surroundings.   

The Main Range

The Main Range has 37 spacious stalls covered for your shooting pleasure. There is a wide berm at 100 yards to allow for pistol and rifle shooting. Steel targets are set up at the berm. Wooden target stands are available to hold paper targets, and can be set up at any distance. The Main Range also has narrower berms at 200, 300, 400, and 500 yards with steel targets for rifle shooting. The firing line has poured concrete slab to allow for a stable shooting area.   

The Long Range

The Long Range has steel targets at each berm so you can shoot at distances from 600 to 900 yards. There is a raised shooting platform as well as shooting tables on the ground to shoot from. Long Range Shooters are required to qualify at 500 yards before being granted access to the Long Range. 

The Instructor Range

The Instructor Range is for Certified Instructors to have a place to offer various types of training and classes. We have local Instructors that offer classes on a regular basis, as well as Instructors who come from all over the country. Instructors offer classes and training covering topics such as shooting from concealed carry, close quarters rifle usage, long distance shooting, and life saving skills in an active shooter situation.    

Our Events

Throughout the year, our Range is honored to host events such as the NFA Review Shoot and Florida Firearms Expo. These large events give visitors an opportunity to talk to vendors in the gun industry, as well as try the latest products in a fun and safe atmosphere. Our smaller events include charity fundraisers. We are proud to say we have raised money for organizations that support Veterans, Law Enforcement, and to prevent sex-trafficking. We also host competitions and individual gun company events. Don't miss the next event. These are fun opportunities to safely shoot rare or new guns and see the latest products and accessories.       

What should I bring to the Range?

When you come and visit, here are some things you might want to bring:

Hearing Protection and Eye Protection. We recommend electronic hearing protection, so you can hear the Range Safety Officer through the microphones. Hearing Protection is required, so please feel free to use foamies or plain ear muffs too. Eye Protection is required as well, so don't forget your sunglasses or some shooting glasses. Prescription glasses are sufficient if they completely protect your eyes.

Don't forget your Guns and Ammo! We allow pisols, shotguns, and rifles up to and including .50 cal. We do not allow steel core, armor piercing, or tracer ammunition. We do have a variety of guns available for rent. Just call us and set it up in advanced. We do not store our guns on the range. We also sell Hyperion Munitions Ammo on site in case you run out. More common rounds only.

Targets. We have wooden target stands available for rental. Bring your paper targets. It makes things easier for you, if you have your own stapler and staples. We also have steel set up at the berms. You may bring your own steel or other targets. We do not allow glass, explosive targets, or any other exotic items to be used as targets. Please check with the Range Safety Officer before setting your target up on the range. 

Camping Chairs, Coolers, Food, Drinks! Make a day of it and have some fun and relaxation. Please dispose of trash in the cans and clean up after yourself. No alcohol.

Children! Please help educate the next generation of 2A supporters! Children 10 and under are free. Children 11 to 16 are 1/2 price. They must be supervised at all times. If the child is shooting, an adult must be next to them, not shooting so they can be supervising the child's shooting.

When you arrive, check in with the RSO so you can pay your range fees, sign the waiver, and get a safety briefing.


Range Commands:

Hot Range - stay behind the firing line and begin shooting. Hearing and eye protection must be worn. Guns should only be loaded on the firing line.

Cold Range - Stop firing. Unload and clear all guns. It makes the RSO's job easier if they can clearly see the gun is cleared and locked back. Do not touch any guns during a cold range. Do not go down range without the permission of the RSO first. Notify the RSO if you need to go past the 100 yard berm.

Cease Fire - anyone can call this. It is for emergencies and unsafe conditions.When you hear Cease Fire, immediately stop shooting, put your gun down and step off the firing line and concrete into the road, and wait for instructions.